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our artisans.

While traveling around the world, we work together with local artisans that implement ethical practises. These include developing traditional handicrafts from their hometown (that otherwise would be lost due to machinery), hiring people from their community and paying them a fair salary or using natural products, among others. 

Since marsel. opened, we have been working with artisans from very different regions focused mainly in Latin America and India, trying to be as transparent as possible. We think customers need to know who made their products and where do they come from.


Our designs are made in a small artisan studio in the middle of Rajasthan countryside (India), employing between 12-18 men and women. We use cotton and organic cotton fabrics and follow the ancient “Hand Block Printing” technique with AZO-free dyes. For those not familiarised with Block Printing, it consists on designs carved on wooden blocks that are after stamped by hand on meters of fabrics used for making clothes and decoration.

As clothes are handmade one by one with passion and dedication, one piece may vary from another.

Block printing wooden blocks.


Block printing technique>Block Printing technique.


Visiting the studio in Rajasthan.


Our famous Wayúu sandals have been produced in collaboration with the Kanaspi Foundation in La Guajira, where women from the Wayúu ethnic historically sew colourful threads to create beautiful bags and sandals that they sell in order to contribute to their families and community. In our case, we participated in the purchase of materials for the water reserve in the region.


Our earrings and necklaces are handmade in small studios located in different geographical areas and all the designs are inspired by our travels or carefully curated with the artisan itself. You can find gems, stones, palm three leaves or pre-Columbian art that will immediately bring you to exotic destinations.


Amethyst gems from our Johri Earrings.


Bags are mainly made of iraca leaves from Colombian countryside and leather from Mexico. They are all handcrafted by local people following traditional techniques that passed from generation to generation.

Handmade leather bag

Learning about the production process.